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dump yer midi & worries here.

welcome to my page. it's full of my special interests and is mostly geared towards me. feel free to poke around though. be warned! if you stick around too long you may become one of us! one of us! (freaks, losers, weirdos lol) enjoy your stay! be warned this page is ongoing, broken and shit!

our founding fathers

♥ what's new??? ♥

>holy hell, it's been a while! massive overhauls and simplification are coming!
also tumblr feed hass been added!

>new intro to the welcome sec. & added founding fathers pic ❤

>HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!🎇 😽 🎉 🥂

>bootlegs page added, not much there yet, stay tuned!

>new shite comic in time for xmas eve & personal updates

>new look for the cositas directory

>new directory added

c. 2023