some clouds

hello world! :3c

I’m the artist known as Nervs. but my friends call me Frankie. A punk goth millennial, parental figure, clothed mind, confused, viscous membrane. In short, I’m a wreck. Things I do enjoy/hobbies: synths, photography, blogging, art, pen palling, the dark, beautiful and seedy side of Los Angeles, pirating, broken web design, zines, diy, libraries, socialism, obsessing over music/historical figures, esoteric tomfoolery, brujería, logic, René Crevel and cloud appreciation society member, cooking, sewing, creating, spending time with those I love and value me, being alone, being pensive, boycotting Things I do not like: cops, capitalism, working, doctors, mean ppl, hot weather, transplants that don’t contribute to but take from the new cities they move into, gentrification, Zionism List of current fixations: René Crevel, Ludwig ii, pirating/soulseek, the Sims, Nancy Drew, Mozart, The Phantom of the Opera, LA punk scene, visiting locations of interest ie from films, murders, morbid solo dates, mid century modern/populuxe, mending clothes, quilting Music I enjoy: honestly if I like it I like it from kpop to classical BUT I especially enjoy: punk, Mexican ska, opera, post punk, edm, industrial, classic rock, 80s pop and synth pop, new wave, música folclórica de sur america, classic country, folk music, oldies